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Larry BermanMy photography career started in 1971 when I first picked up a camera. I started shooting rock concerts and then sporting events. In 1974 I became staff photographer for the New York Nets ABA basketball team. My client list included magazines such as Sport, Black Sports and Hoop. I also shot posters for Converse and Spalding. Over a four year period I had over twenty magazine and book covers. After the demise of the ABA, I lost interest in sports and have spent the past 25 years selling my fine art photographs in major art shows around the country. In addition to my fine art photography sales, I spent 20 years shooting stock for The Image Bank stock agency. My wife Mary Berman has been my creative partner through all of my photography endeavors.

Technology changed my life around 1997 with my first computer, and along with it came an understanding of the marketing potential of the Internet. Within two years I was in business with Chris Maher building web sites for artists to sell their artwork and have amassed a web site client list of over 150. With a strong 30 year photographic background and the Internet's potential for reaching the right people, I started monitoring imaging forums to answer digital camera questions and created Berman Graphics as a resource site to help people. This led to writing articles (along with Chris Maher) for Shutterbug and eDigitalPhoto Magazines.

Larry Berman

Some of our articles that stand out are the definitive  interviews with photography greats Jay Maisel, Pete Turner, Ralph Gibson, Freeman Patterson and Neil Leifer. We've also written the often quoted article on how to shoot digital infrared, and have interviewed Henry Wilhelm about archival ink jet  print processing. All our articles can be read in their entirety in the press section of Berman Graphics.

In March 2003, Chris and I published (with co-author Gregory Georges) a book titled "50 Fast Digital Camera Techniques".

In April 2003 I came across a box of my old sports film and started to scan and sell fine art prints. I  built my Berman Sports web site and have been marketing my images successfully ever since. I've also been getting calls for various stock images including book and magazine covers. My relationship with Converse came to life again when they reproduced one of my photographs 17x13 feet on the wall of their conference room.

Recent clients consist of:
Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners
Coldwater Creek
Philadelphia Magazine
San Riga/J Walter Thompson
Sandstrom Design
Source Communications
Sports Publishing LLC


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